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May 11, 2012


An epiphany I’ve had recently has knocked me back on my heels somewhat and brought new perspective to how I perceive Ben and the complex, amazing boy he is (as well as providing additional insight into the “how” and “why” he is the way he is):

Symptoms of Autism/Asperger’s/OCD/ADHD

  1. “Checker” – i.e. needing to check to ensure doors are locked, windows are closed, lights are off, faucets are off, etc.
  2. “Organizer” – i.e. everything has it’s place, must be organized and laid out in an orderly fashion (even items on a restaurant table)
  3. Focus on “even” numbers – i.e. volume knob must always ben on an even number (never an odd), sprinkler system duration has to be even number, etc.
  4. “Creature of habit” – prefer to take same routes every time, whether driving, walking, etc.
  5. Punctuality – never late, always planning way ahead, increasing anxiety as specific time approaches (travel, getting to work, social engagements, etc.)
  6. Inability to relax until everything is as it should be – i.e. once food has been ordered at a restaurant
  7. Mental checklists – constantly making, revising, checking off lists of to-do items throughout the day (and unable to fully relax and unwind until they’re all done)
  8. “Hoarder/collector” – strong compulsion to buy/purchase/own/collect extreme amounts of items of interests (comic books to sport cards to CDs to DVDs to books)
  9. Sensory issues – strong aversion to hot liquids (soup, coffee, tea, etc.)
  10. Very difficult time in social situations – idle chit-chat or meeting new people very challenging and stressful
  11. Inability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time
  12. Often detached and unemotional inside one’s head when the opposite should be true given the situation

All of the above are not characteristics of Ben – they’re my own. Quirks that I’ve never seen as a whole before, but now beg the question: who’s the Autistic one?

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