“Welcome to the club”


February 1, 2011


I happened across this amazing blog by an amazing woman, and her nearly 2 year old-post (perfectly) entitled “Welcome to the Club,” written for parents of kids diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.

This post is incredible, heartfelt, sincere and empowering. I am floored by the sheer power of her words and how perfectly she captures the emotional whirlwind that comes along with an ASD diagnosis.

Here’s how she ends her blog post, and brings tears to my eyes in the process:

You will help your sweet girl be far better than OK. You will show her boundless love. She will know that she is accepted and cherished and celebrated for every last morsel of who she is. She will know that her Mama’s there at every turn. She will believe in herself as you believe in her. She will astound you. Over and over and over again. She will teach you far more than you teach her. She will fly.

An amazing read – be sure to check it out.

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